jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008


or should I say Gee!!
I really love do the 'hand-walking' thing...
I mean, the oportunity of having your feet out of the ground...
out of the earth, is that small/huge moment of fredoom that all of us have as a human right...
beign free of all the problems that you have... the future that you have to accomplished as soon as posible is not such an important goal when you are upsided-down!
but..wait!... "back to reality" as a raper said in michigan, we have to keep showing off our skills... keep fighting against the money... and keep managing the love that we give/take!
Is hard... damn! it's hard! fuck that is hard!
I keep trying..as a famous black singer said once... just hoping that someday, someone, somehow, comes to me...and sais: "get ready for the karhma that you were talking"

3 comentarios:

Mona dijo...

y que te cargo de mi lista?
me puedes contar ? :)
a mi no me cargó tu foto x)

La Faal dijo...

Hay que disfrutar esos small moments :B
shuer desaparecido 13.

fraams(L) dijo...

para variar entendi el 10% del texto
jajajaja poer nimportaa :B
lovvv me llego tu postal
me rei un kilo i te ame más(L)!
sos grandee el mejor (:

señales de vida porfa..
necesito consejillo, palabras de aliento
i webeeo cn voooos lovyuu :*