jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Puppy look a like!

You were on my mind at least nine tenths of yesterday
It seemed as if perhaps I'd gone insane!

What is it about you that has commandeered my brain?
Maybe it's your awesome hair or maybe it's the way that I look at your face
I can tell that you're not going to be stopping soon or even slowing down!
And if we keep up this pace pretty soon we'll know the name of every kid
And every grown up booking house shows in their town..seriously!

And if home is really where the heart is
Then we're the smartest crossed eyes girl I know
Because wherever we are in this great big world
We'll never be more than a few hours from home

And that's important because I need to travel
I've had this itchin in my shoes since I was just a little kid

And before I had a mini van I road the Greyhound bus
My mom would say "I hope some day you get paid for being Guata Amarilla"

And now I do and it's not much
But it's enough
I've got my own polaroid cam, food on my plate, good friends and family
And now there's you understanding why I do the things I do
Knowing that you do them too makes me really happy

On the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again
The life I love is snowboardin' music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again

In Montana, from a distance, the world looks blue and green
And the snow capped mountains white, the ocean meets the stream
And the eagle takes to flight

And someday we will wake up early to go to the state fair
I'm gonna ride the biggest ride it'll be out of sight
Then I'll share an elephant ear with you if you'd like
Because we are alive so we've gotta live life
To the fullest you spin the bottle and I'll dim the lights
Four five six seven minutes in the closet

Life is a highway and I'm gonna ride it
Every day's a winding road yeah
My rollercoaster's got the biggest ups and downs
As long as it keeps goin' round its unbelievable, let me tell you that!

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Rociio de la vida dijo...

de cuando escribes con tantos colores?

danieLLa dijo...

opino que me gustó

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