martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

You should be reading my blog now!

Oh Crap.. I don't even know if you know my blog, this place that I write down some silly things with a huge knowledge of feelings.
Now, I can't stop watching your pics, your lips drive me crazy, I can still hear on my right side of my brain when you said "because u r cuter". Holding you on that small car I had the opportunity to kiss your cheek, touch your hair and feel your funny hiccups!
You are awesome, just turned my days into centuries.
This time, would be for real!

Vc sabe, agora eu preciso minha cara mitade!

PD: Ximena Sarinana f/ Vicente Garcia - Poquito a poquito

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Anna dijo...

chilenoooooooo :)

Anna dijo...

Pd: qué bonitooooooooo!!!!!