miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014

Chilean wine

And this is how it starts♫

Your heart, even though is not mine... feels like home.

All about waiting now, all about sending subliminal songs that explain how do we feel now, so far away.

♪ And now we're just outside of town
And you're making your way down ♫
♪ She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway ♫

There is one thing that we must fulfill in our lives; you know my way of thinking, I won't tell you because you know the answer, you know where it is.

Please, clear your mind and heart. Let them soak on the Pacific Ocean, let them breath on the Patagonia mountains and let them discover how great traveling meanwhile knowing yourself.

This won't stop untill you understand that all this is true.

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