sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

The freakin' funny thing!

I don't know..
have u ever realized that everything..every li'l thing.. has like its own partner...
for example.. eemm..
flower -> bee -> honey -> bear!
u got it?
another could be... bride -> church ->honey moon!
Do I make myself clear?
it's stupid.. but it works..!!
for instance, we are connected, joined, fastened together to somebody else..!
we, as human... the act of being in love... it's a must in our life...
no mather who, what, how or why...
we have to be magnetized by that weird thing we call love..
I think that is an acronym!
many of those come out of my mind right now:
-League of Villainous Entities
-Legs Open Very Easy (my fav)
-Let Older Values Educate
-Let Our Values Endure
-Let Our Violence End
-Linguistics of Visual English
-Listen, Overlook, Value, Encourage
-Look Observe Verify Enjoy
-Loss of Valuable Energy
-Lunar Observations Vital Energy
wacko right?!

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